You’ve decided that you need an investigation…great! That’s what we’re here for. During our first contact, we’ll need to gather some basic information like your name, contact info, and a brief description of the paranormal activity. We’ll ask a few questions to get an idea of the environment and setup an appointment to meet face-to-face and see the location of the activity.


Before our first meeting, we’ll check public records, maps, newspaper articles, and other sources for information about the history of your area.


After introductions, we’ll ask some more questions about the history of the area and the activity. We’ll want to look around and start developing our investigation plan. Before we leave, we’ll have you fill out a few forms and schedule the actual investigation.


This is completed via phone and email. We’ll send you a copy of the investigation plan and talk about any questions you might have. Assuming we’ve answered all of your questions and everything is correct, all we need is a signature and we’re a “GO” for the investigation.


The big day (or night) is here. We’ve brought our equipment, investigators, and our plan. We’ll setup and execute the plan, make our observations, collect any data, and see if we can’t find the source of your activity (paranormal or otherwise). The next day, we’ll call or email to setup a meeting to go over our findings.


Here’s where you find out what we found out. Did we find evidence of a spirit in the area? Was everything explainable by non-paranormal causes? We’ll go over each piece of evidence with you, whether it’s physical or non-physical, and tell you how we came to our conclusion.